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3rd-Aug-2011 12:14 am(no subject)
whoa!!! its been like forever since i loged in ! =O hahaha my gosh i wish i have had posted my other chapters of my stories :( 'cause now i lost them :S and i dont remember them at all :(
17th-Jul-2007 03:34 pm - second chapter

chapter 2: tonks pov
chinese food

Tonks was lying on her bed, it was the first day of summer vacation, but for her it didn’t change anything at all, she was really tired, because yesterday she had to go to Scotland to make a report about vampires, and she had take that advance to go see her parents who live there since she was born, see was living in London right now, because she liked to walk to work, as an auror, but unluckily that need it for her to wake up early.


With a growl she woke up from bed, and with a thud she fall to the floor, of course, she thought, this day is going to be grade, she let a frustrated scream.


She took a shower and put her auror robes on, went to the kitchen and put the cappuccino machine on, and took a slide of bread of the bread pantry, an orange juice from the fridge, which right now was full of sweets, Chinese food and sodas, for today. J


Sure her apartment was giant and elegant, and really expensive, but she had decorated it with posters and real cool lamps and puff to sit and a big TV and a new computer, you should have seen when mad-eye got in he almost had a heart attack, but for her it was wonderful, a lot of inversion, but for her was nothing, their parents were millionaire, well not that much but almost, and she was her only child, J, but the house was the only clue that she was rich, beside that she was really a normal girl. J.

Well, that and the fact that she was a methamorphmagus.

So she took the cappuccino in a thermo and the bread in a paper back and put her self in the fireplace and took the red flu to the ministry.


When she got there and said hi to all her auror friends and got to her cubicle, which walls were full of poster and photos of her best friends, and photos of her goddaughter, which was child of her muggle cousin and best friend Marie, the baby Monica, had big black eyes and honey hair, which got from her mother.

She sit on her chair and put her food on the table, and start reading her message, nothing knew, she just got to give the vampire’s report to her boss, and that was all, with a sigh Tonks got her magazine out and start eating her bread, and sipping her cappuccino, when she finish, she gave her report to the boss, and headed out to have lunch.


When she was out Kingstley, which was one good friend of Tonks decided to go with her, they went to get Mexican food, Tonks love it, when they toke a table Kingstley start talking about his new girl Pam, she was an muggle, and Tonks had introduce him to her, so since then King was a closer friend.


They took the menu, and choose 2 burritos jumbo and chili spicy, and some Jamaica.

The waitress toke the menu and leave the 2 of them alone.


-so Tonks what have u been up too?-

- Nothing really, just visit my parents, and u?

- Well, I have been really busy, but still there aren’t any signs of Sirius Black-


Sirius, that was a hard topic for sure, he was Tonks cousin and he was his favorite when she was little, he and his friends had come when she was 5, since she was really little, she doesn’t remember them that much, but she remember the pain she felt when mom told her that Sirius had betrayed the Potters.


-         Mmmm, bad luck, eh?-

-         Yeap, but not so much with Pau- he said with a cheeky smile.

Tonks playfully punch his arm, while they both start laughing.


-         that’s good- said tonks

-         Oi changing topics, have u heart about Hogwarts accident?-

-         No, what? - said Tonks with an alarm tone, she loved Hogwarts, she have been a Huplepuff like her parents, and a very popular girl.

-         Harry Potter says he saw Voldemort return when he was portey taking to a cemetery, where he saw Peter Pettigrew…

-         Wait, the one that die and left the finger?-Tonks ask

-         Yeap, well and that Voldemort had kill Cedric Diggory, and that some death eaters were there, that he had reunited them.

-         Damn!!!!-

-         Yes, I know-

-         And what does Dumbledore, said?-

-         That we all have to be careful-

-         And if he’s back why is that no aurors had warning the others’-

-         Cause some persons know, but the minister said not to tell, cause he thinks is madness-

-         But how does he knows, besides why would Dumbledore lie?-

-         Yeah, I know that’s what I said-

-         And who told u-

-         A red head guy, father of Bill Weasley-

-         Arthur Weasley?-

-         Yeah, him, do you know him?-

-         Sure, he’s also father of Charlie-

-         Your ex from Hogwarts?-

-         Yeah, him-

-         Uuuiii, do you still in touch with Charlie?-

-         Yeap, but as friends-

-         Yeah, right-

-         Hey- tonks said laughing


Just then the waitress came with the food, and they stay quiet eating, and then King pay the bill, and they got out.


-         come I’ll give u a right-

-         I don’t now, I always fall from motorcycles-

-         Common.-

-         Fine, lets go-


So in the motorcycle they got faster to Tonks’s apartment.

When they got out Tonks dark blue hair was all messy.


When Kingstley saw her he started laughing.


-Shut up-

 King stopped laughing and said in a serious tone        

-         Tonks, I need to talk about a serious matter, can we go in?-


Tonks hesitated; King had never been that serious.


-         ummm, sure, come-

-         thanks-


They sat on the leather couch in the living room, and then King put an imperturbable spell, was then when tonks start really freaking out.


 -Tonks, I really trust u and u are a good auror and besides a loyal girl, that’s why I think u’ll be a good ingredient.-

- Thanks, but I don’t see where u are going-

- Tonks, promise me that u’ll trust me-

-Sure, why wouldn’t I?-

- I do believe that Voldemort is back-

- Well, sure I do too-

- Would you like to help, joining the order?-

- Sure, but what order?-

- The order of the Phoenix-

- The famous order of the Phoenix?-

-Yeah, would u want to join?-

- Are u joking?-

Do I look like I’m joking?-

-Mmm, yeah that’ll be grade-

- Tonks u know it’ll be really dangerous, are u welling to take that risk?-

-U know I am.-

-Yeah I know- King said with a big smile- I knew u’ll be grade- he said hugging her.

- Thanks for trusting me-

-u too-

-Now before I forget the second reunion is today at night, I’ll come to pick u up-

- The second? , did u went to the first?-


-Then how do u know, that stuff?-

- ‘cause Dumbledore talked to me-

- Oh really?-

-Yeah-said King- oh! And that maybe remember, that there is something else u need to trust me about somebody-

- About some one? Who?-

- U’ll figure it out-

-Hey, tell me-


-TELL MEEEE!!!!!!!-

- NOOO!!!!-

Tonks start running after King, they were like brothers, then jump got on the sofa, and jump on King, then King put her on the sofa and starts tickling her.

They both were laughing their asses off.

-ok Tonks, I gotta go, I’ll see u at 9-




17th-Jul-2007 03:26 pm - read it jeje

first chapter: remus pov
chinese food

Remus was watching a bug, it was on the ceiling. The bed were he was lying, was old and cranky, but for Remus it was a blessing.

Full moon was in three days and he was already feeling sick and tired. He didn’t want to come out of  bed anyway is not like he had work to do, one of the advances of been unemployed, fine the only one, but today Remus didn’t care about been unemployed he just wanted to rest. But that wish didn’t come real.


An owl had just started tapping at the window, with a growl Remus got out of bed, walking to the old window he opened it for the bird and he took the parchment which was tied in a fancy red ribbon, when he open it, a sigh came from him, the ministry, how couldn’t they stop bother, they were the reason that he haven’t got a job at the time, o more so Umbridge the bitch.

Now here they were the law against werewolf printed in silver letter, how ironic is that silver for the werewolf, hilarious, bet they are laughing there asses of.

With a disgusted growl Remus took his wand out and put it on fire the paper.


He return to bed and since he couldn’t go back to sleep put a book out an started reading, it was an old book and remus bet he had read it at least eight times but that’s what u got for been poor.


Remus didn’t know what time it was when he woke up, apparently the book had lost his touch after the nine read, it was for sure dark and Remus was definitely hungry, he walked to the kitchen which wasn’t far because the house was small.


The fridge was empty and so the pantries, Remus gave a sigh again one of the kicks of been poor.


He check if he had some money in his jeans, a bit of muggle bills were in his back pockets, enough for one dinner at the Chinese restaurant in London.


He took his shabby jacket and walk out the door.

And with a crack he disappeared and reappeared in a dark alley.


London was defiantly alive; Remus had to walk throw lots of tourist and crazy teenager that were pushing people aside.


He took sit in a table outside, besides him a young couple were laughing, seems like them were having grade time, to be in love, Remus thought most be scary, he had crushes but never had been in love.


The waitress took Remus out of his thoughts.

-Hello, I am Laura, I’ll be your waitress for tonight, may I take your order?-


-Yes, thank you, I’ll like a chicken in Chow Mein, fried rice and a coke.-


-Yes sr., I’ll be back in a minute. - She said taking the menu with her.


And Remus was left again with his thoughts. He was thinking of Harry, today must have been the wizard tournament final, he thought, where does Sirius is? now that’s an incognito, he haven’t talk to him in a very long time, if he knows about Harry, and he probably does, he must be scary for his godson, Remus himself was, he haven’t write to Harry cause he wanted to be apart for him, cause he make remember him of Hogwarts as a teacher and he make remember him of James and Lily, which was harder, sure Harry was a good kid and a responsible young man, he must be very good at the wizard tournament.


Just then the waitress came with a delicious plate with a delicious smell, that make Remus remember how hungry he was.


-There you go Sr.-

-Thank you miss-


Remus eat peacefully, tasting the oh so good Chinese food. When he had finished the waitress came with a paper bag full of fortune cookies. He paid the bill and left some tips for the young waitress, who smiles at Remus, who smiled back, before he left. It’s the good of muggle they don’t know about werewolf prejudices.


Remus decided to take a walk before leave. He walked to a park near, and sit in a bench under a tree and watched the kids play. The sky full of star give the day a beautiful air, a couple of hours had pass and the back full of fortune cookies was empty now, and they all said stuff like “things are easy when u make it easy”, and “u will be on top of the world”, which made Remus snort, and lucky exist for the person who believe, -classic- remus said.


He decided it was time to return, it was pretty late, but before he went to buy some beer.


With a little box of beer, he returned with a crack to home.


He took one beer and put the rest in the fridge, took a book he had rent in the library in London, and sit in front of the fireplace, which he light whit wand less magic, and open his book.


Remus woke up by a silver light, it was a patronus, it was Dumbledore patronus, when recognize it, he woke up completely, it had a urgent message, he conjure his own patronus and they communicate and then Albus patronus left. His own patronus start like whistling and remus understood the message it was like it had put it in his head, wish he wouldn’t, it said that Dumbledore had call him for an urgent reunion, at 1 of the morning, that was freaky, remus wash his face to wake up, and brush his teeth and hair and headed to outside Hogwarts, were Hagrid was expecting him and apparently he wasn’t the only one other five were there Mad-eye, Emmeline  Vance, the oldest Weasleys, and others like Elphias Dodge and a big black dog which weren’t fange, was in a darker side.


Remus went slowly to him and the dog start waggling its tail and Remus smile and said,

-         hello padfoot, its nice to see u again-

The dog start waggling his tail faster and remus laugh a little.


Just then Hagrid call all the people (and dog) to come with him.


They all follow to the forbidden forest some people hesitated before to going in, Hagrid came to stop to in an almost empty space, there weren’t so much trees and there was more light.


And they all stay quite for a moment when we heard something or someone coming we all put our wand out, except mad-eye cause he already knew who was.


It was Dumbledore, follow by McGonagall and Snape, at this the dog start growling but remus nudge him or more like kick him, to shut him up.


-         Good dawn gentlemen and ladies I had call you all cause of the events that had happen here in Hogwarts, that concern Harry potter and our worst fears the return of Voldemort.

At this lot of the people there, give a little scream or a growl or just stay quite.

-If u haven’t note we all are old order members and the reason that I had call u is cause im asking for ur help again, this is real, and it just had started, would u accept again the risks?-


They all agree almost at the instant.


-Then again, thank u all and welcome to the order again- he said with tickling eyes


-         First of all we need more people, gather more people, and try to talk out, but I must warned u do it in secret, or at least the most quiet form, you need to be careful cause this time we got the ministry against us, yes that’s right, the ministry don’t believe-

-         Albus can u tells us what happen?-




And that night remus couldn’t sleep at all Dumbledore had told them about what had happen in the wizard tournament, and all, he told them the next reunion will be next week, and he wasn’t able to talk to Sirius cause Dumbledore had call him outside.

So Remus had gone home with a living fire inside.


It all had begun.



17th-Jul-2007 03:16 pm - show my remus and tonks fanfiction

two lifes, one love

first chapter: remus pov 
chinese food

second chapter: tonks pov
mexican food

third chapter: remus pov

fourth chapter: tonks pov

17th-Jul-2007 01:27 pm - hello again
well,well... it really have been a long time u know and a lot have
happen but hey cheers im still a fan of remus and tonks... to tell u the truth that about living with my aunt was a hell i only survive 3 months until she kick me out yeahh but that was the greatest thing that have happen to me in a while,, then i live by myself wich was pretty cool, but know im back with my family but hey wat can i tell u im only 15... but does somebody read all of this.. ho knows but it feels good to take it all out doesnt it
9th-Sep-2006 04:15 pm(no subject)
u can check out http://www.devintart.com
its a great page and it have lupin/tonks draws
9th-Sep-2006 02:32 pm(no subject)
hi...all how u been im finally in school and having some new pals and there are some hot hot guys..jeje
6th-Aug-2006 01:12 pm - said welcome back
i havent been able to speak to u cause im finally living with my aunt shes pretty nice and my cousin susy is really cool
20th-Jul-2006 02:24 pm - im leaving to merida
im moving out to merida...
hey if you want you can check out
go check it out
there are remus/tonks stories
12th-Jul-2006 12:20 pm - my favorites sites
oh man... i love the wolf and lady (a remus/tonks community)
you can check it out in

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